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Upequity delivers patient-centered research and novel, evidence-based programs and services that improve access to quality, affordable healthcare for underserved populations with rare and serious health conditions.  

It takes a united effort to truly impact lasting change and we are committed to contributing to the collective health equity movement. Our success is defined through our work to advance system and policy changes, eliminate barriers, and produce tangible improvements in the lives of families with rare disease.


Our Why

We exist to challenge the status quo and advance change that helps families with rare and serious diseases live their healthiest, best lives.

We are inspired to meaningfully contribute to the movement to advance health equity in rare diseases and believe that we have a responsibility as well as the unique skills, knowledge and experience to contribute.
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Our Work

Upequity is organized into two key areas: Our Research and Our Lab
Our Research

We conduct leading patient-centered research focused on projects that support advancing systems or policies that improve the care for underrepresented and underserved populations in rare disease.  For specific rare disease research, we typically partner and collaborate with experienced patient advocacy organizations in that disease area.

Our studies tend toward mixed method strategies that gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data. Studies are IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved and led by researchers and PhD-level professionals.

Our Lab

Upequity leads its own lab projects and programs, provides operations to coalitions, as we as acts as an incubator and accelerator for other nonprofit organizations building their own rare disease platforms.

We test novel, evidence-based programs and projects that facilitate awareness and education and amplifies the voice of underrepresented patients and families. Our Lab allows for experimentation with ideas that may (or may not) work in a safe environment!


Rare Disease Facts

Sources include: International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, National Institutes of Health, Rare-X, EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases, and Global Genes.

34% of Americans are inadequately insured, while 9% are completely uninsured

34% of American are inadequately insured, while 9% are completely uninsured

30% born with a rare disease will not live to see their 5th birthday

Cake 30%

1:10 American suffer from a rare disease

1 in 10 people

Approximately 2/3 of Americans with rare diseases are children

2/3 children

Genetic testing could help diagnose many rare diseases


85% of rare diseases are genetic


The economic burden of rare disease reached nearly $1 Trillion in the US

Costs breaking back

1 in 2 rare diseases don’t have a foundation or research support group


Rare disease patients experience significantly more anxiety & depression


Only 5% of rare diseases have treatments

1 in 20

95% of rare diseases lack an FDA-approved treatment

No treatment

On average, a rare disease is misdiagnosed 2-3 times

Target Misdiagnosed

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