Rebranding Survey


We Need Your Opinion!

We love the name Upequity and our work… but our name has often created confusion so we embark upon an effort to change that and drive forward! We'd like your opinion as we rebrand Upequity.

Upequity exists to challenge the status quo and advance change that help families with rare and serious diseases live their healthiest, best lives. We prioritize research, projects and programs that are focused on underrepresented and underserved populations.

We have 3 key areas of work:

  1. Conduct research and experiment with new, novel ideas for positive impact
  2. Mentor and connect emerging and growing nonprofits
  3. Host rare disease alliances focused on underserved communities

We have considered many ideas and have come down to 3 options:

Rare Unite

Unite meaning: To join or combine. Incorporate so as to form a single whole.

Rare Rising / Rising Rare

Rising meaning:  Advancing, ascending. Moving or going or growing upward.

Rare Genesis

Genesis meaning: Beginning. The start. The beginning of a movement or an idea.

Because you have been a supporter of our work and we appreciate that, we'd like you to weigh in on our forward momentum.

Please take a moment and vote for your favorite option for our future name below!

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What should our new name be?